Soltribe is a nationally touring Reggae / Alternative outfit based in the urban center of

San Antonio, TX. The compelling group, led by Anthony Berdecio, has been highly acclaimed and accoladed including being hand-selected by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Bon Jovi for touring support in 2018. Soltribe’s explorative musical catalog has grown a cult following in many markets throughout the country—their single “Rescue” was named “2018 Best Song” by JamSpace Magazine. 


On stage the band commands a large presence and unmistakeable feel, sparking a grass roots movement across the western regions of the U.S. They’ve shared the stage with household names and grammy award-winning acts alike—including Bon Jovi, Stick Figure, The Movement, Black Uhuru, Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah and many more. 


In the studio, Soltribe has partnered with Grammy-nominated producer Peter Rafelson to record their album "20/20", which was release in the fall of 2020.  Now in the new year and back in the studio Soltribe's latest release "More Than A Lifetime (The Remixes) premiered January 29th 2021 with their follow up EP currently in production. Stay tuned....